Online promotion reaches new heights with Siren Projects, the new hybrid online promoter, and the next generation of marketing for you and your books.

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Siren Projects is the one-stop idea center for preparing, marketing and promoting your next book release and designing your web site. Please visit our FAQ to answer any questions you might have. Our services include online promotions, web developent, web design, blog design, Myspace design, newsletter design/management, proofreading and more. We look forward to hearing how we can best serve your needs.

By thinking outside of the box and customizing each marketing and web design plan to suit the client's needs, Siren Projects is the next wave in online marketing promotion and web design.

At any time, don't be afraid to ask us anything regarding our services. Thanks again for visiting Siren Projects!

NEW: Siren Projects wants to organize your Virtual Book Tour! Sign up with Siren Projects and go on a whirlwind tour and never leave your house to promote your next release. Visit with blog sites, fiction communities, review sites and more. Contact us to find out more - tara@sirenprojects.com.

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