Siren Projects Rate Sheet

Siren Projects has 4 options for services.   Please email me at for flat rate and hourly pricing.

Options 1-3 are monthly options

Option 1: 8-10 hours per week of service/month.
Option 2: 5 hours per week of service/month.
Option 3: 3 hours per week of service/month.
Option 4: Hourly rate

Online PR Consulting services including but not limited to:

  • New: Virtual Blog Tours (contact us for details!)
  • Viral Marketing
  • Book Video Promotion
  • Facebook management and fan clubs
  • Myspace management and fan clubs
  • online book clubs on Facebook and Myspace Groups
  • answer all fan email (A GMail (google email) would be created and used to answer fan email)
  • coordinate blog postings with client
  • help editing content and finding appropriate topics for personal blogs
  • moderate all blog comments from readers and post approved comments
  • secure promotions on your behalf with various online advertising venues
  • brainstorm on any and all online marketing concepts the client would like to work on then implement
  • coordinate interview requests with online sites
  • secure blog guest slots
  • prepare news releases 
  • prepare text of monthly newsletters using client’s objective and text
  • send out electronic ARCS, track what sites have your ARC, follow up with websites and obtain and compile review file
  • prepare book club materials for new release including setting up discussion questions, complimentary recipe or other fun items for book club, prepare downloadable package for book clubs
  • correspond via email with book clubs to send them any materials they might require, accept reader questions and pass along to you should you wish to answer
  • coordinate Author Connect on Amazon on client's behalf, post short blogs from provided text
  • set up Wikipedia entry
  • rack your web statistics, create monthly traffic reports for you to look at including geographic information, unique web visitors etc.
  • manage online contests, select winner - does not include mailing out prizes
  • track Google Search Results and compile list of top rankings
  • set up Google Book Search
  • come up with unique marketing ideas after reading your books
  • Online Marketing Plans
  • Google Ad Management
  • Press Kit Preparation
  • Message Board Monitoring

The below services are charged seperately. Please email from pricing:

  • Newsletter Preparation (monthly, quarterly or one-time service)
  • Blog Space
  • Message Board Space
  • web development database & ecommerce services  (see
  • web design & hosting  (see
  • Critique and Evaluation of Manuscripts
  • Proofreading Services
  • Editing Services
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